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The Stripchat Rules Every Model Should Know

Know what the rules of Stripchat are and what you should not do during the transmission so that your account is not blocked and your tokens are not withheld.

General rules

  • All models must be at least 18 years old.
  • The identity of the model must match the one that appears on the identity document provided to the website.

Rules of transmission and content

  • Models can only stream from one account at a time.
  • All broadcasts must be live. Video recordings and still photos are not allowed in broadcasts and / or advertised as direct. People who violate this will be banned and pending earnings will be withheld and past earnings will be deducted from the study (if applicable).
  • When the model is online, it is highly recommended that she has the microphone on to communicate with her visitors. It is very important to ensure that the microphone is enabled and activated in order to maintain a good StripScore.
  • Before you start broadcasting, be sure to select the type of show that corresponds to the participants (women, men, couples, etc.) and profile information (public / outdoor space, office). Note that the labels you choose for "In All My Shows I Do" and "Only in Private / Cam2Cam" must match the content of the live. The inability to select the appropriate attributes can result in warnings or even termination of the live.
  • It is prohibited to leave the room during the live broadcast for more than a few seconds without informing users of this. If you want to end the broadcast for any reason, please disconnect first.
  • All live shows must represent the artist only.
  • None of the direct, photos and videos must contain watermarks, messages or logos (unless copyright protects these elements and you are the legal owner of these rights).
  • Profile and cover photos must only represent the artist or some part of their body.
  • The profile photo must not contain nudity. All intimate parts of the model's body must be covered.

Strictly prohibited actions

  • The intervention of minors or unauthorized (unregistered) individuals.
  • Model presented as minor.
  • Incest (sexual relations between family members).
  • The intervention and / or representation of any animal or pet in a sexual or provocative way.
  • Alluding, mentioning, displaying or making use of illegal drugs.
  • Any kind of innuendo, talk or show of violence, blood, torture, pain, suffocation, etc. or any dangerous or extreme activity that involves any of those elements.
  • Alluding to, showing or writing about stool, vomit or menstrual fluid.
  • Show individuals asleep or passed out (except for special requests during the show)
  • Using fake interactive toys pretending to be real, as well as advertising the use of interactive toy anywhere on your profile when it is actually offline or not working.

Fines and penalties

  • Multiple user complaints may result in the termination of our collaboration with the model.
  • Failure to comply with the above-mentioned rules may lead to streaming disconnection, temporary suspension, or permanent ban on Stripchat service, and any earned tokens will be held.
  • Right to reject model documents that rarely appear online or do not transmit at all.

Knowing the rules of Stripchat, you will not have any problem in your transmission.

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