The downsides of banning chat to grays

The downsides of banning chat to grays

Know what are the disadvantages that your room would have when banning chat to gray users or even colored users.

How nice it would be for all users to be so polite with the models in the chat and in this way they would not have to silence or expel anyone, but unfortunately the reality is not like that. In the chat of the different webcam modeling pages such as Chaturbate , MyFreeCams, Stripchat , etc. We find all kinds of users, from the educated to the spoiled, who win the prize of being expelled from the room unless the model accepts rudeness only in a tipnote. Due to these bad behaviors, some models decide to ban the chat to the grays and even to the colored users, allowing only the conversation to users who have tokens in their accounts.

The downside of banning chat to grays

However, muting gray or colored users causes the room to have the following disadvantages:

  • Lack of interaction between users.- As it is not possible to converse in the model's room, the user will take other options to look for other models that also know how to listen to grays and colors.
  • Boredom.- A room where it is not possible to speak and there is no topic of conversation will lead the user to boredom and to look for other models.
  • Traffic drop.- The 2 disadvantages mentioned above will lead the user to think and qualify his room as limited, where he will probably not return for a long time.

In case you are doing a public show for a user, it is possible that many users do not enter because they are with other models that if they have chat enabled or only a few users enter, but knowing that the chat is limited, they will withdraw once finished. your show.

When to mute users?

  • Be rude (except those who send with a tipnote).
  • Demand a lot from the model without sending tokens.
  • Excessive use of sexual images
  • Spam or advertise other models
  • Insulting other users

Be nice to your users, even the grays. If there are few users in your room and you are available to chat with grays, you can interact with them, but if you have a full room where colored users send you tokens, you will have to give higher priority to those who send tokens and leave a gray users side.

In case your room is very popular and has more than 1000 users, you can limit the chat or assign a person as moderator to help you with the chat to put order.

I hope this article has served you on the disadvantages of banning the chat to the grays, the tips and you can also contribute in the comments if you agree or not with these tips.