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How to block countries on Stripchat

If you don't want people from your country to watch your show, you can use the option to block countries on Stripchat and also block other countries you want.

Most of the models prefer to block their country for fear that a friend, family member or even their partner will also entertain themselves by viewing these adult pages. To avoid problems and that they can find her, Stripchat offers a tool that allows to block the countries that she decides. In this way, the model can work without having to worry about who is watching.

How to block countries on Stripchat

  1. Click on your profile photo in the top menu and select "Settings and privacy".
  2. You will find several options, but find one called "Blocked Countries".
  3. Start typing the country you want to block and you will see that the countries that match your search criteria automatically appear.
  4. Select the country and you're done.
Block countries on Stripchat
Block countries on Stripchat

NOTE: You can add more countries by repeating step 3 and 4.

Is the lock 100% secure?

Not 100% - There are people who install and use VPN on their devices to simulate that they connect from other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc. and they can see the models in their country.

However, most prefer to connect without a VPN to enjoy without delays or freezes of shows.

I hope this article on how to block countries on Stripchat has helped you .

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