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What are "Notes" on Chaturbate?

Chaturbate has added a new chat feature called "Notes", but what are notes on Chaturbate?

Notes simply allow you to add additional information for one or more users who are in the Chaturbate room and it will only be visible by the same user. It is not a type of private message and it will not be visible to other users such as the model, moderator, fan, users of colors or gray.

Possibly used to add reminders, leave a positive or negative opinion of any model or user. Many users change rooms and perhaps you also enter another room as well and meet that user. Even if you don't remember whether or not you saw him, the notes may remind you of whether or not he gets along with you.

When you write a note to a user, they will appear with an icon of a pencil note, like the following Tweet posted by Chaturbate :

I hope the new Chaturbate notes feature will help you a lot.