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Western Kentucky University is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a city with a population of 50,000, and located approximately 110 miles south of Louisville and 65 miles north of Nashville, Tennessee. U.S. Highway 31-W and Interstate 65 intersect with U.S. Highways 68 and 231 at Bowling Green, and the Cumberland and William H. Natcher parkways provide additional easy highway access to Bowling Green. Western's undergraduate division provides four-year programs leading to the bachelor of arts, the bachelor of fine arts, the bachelor of general studies, the bachelor of science, the bachelor of science in nursing and the bachelor of music degrees. Eighty-eight (88) academic majors and fifty-seven (57) academic minors are available. A number of professional and pre-professional curricula provide additional options. Eighteen (18) associate degree programs are offered leading to the associate of arts degree, associate of science degree, associate of applied science and associate of general studies degree. Three certificate programs are also offered. Consult the Undergraduate Catalog for more information. Graduate Studies offers the master of arts, master of arts in education, master of business administration, master of science, master of music, master of public service, and the master of public administration. Western also offers the specialist degree and rank I and II programs. A joint doctoral degree program is offered with the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. Consult the Graduate Studies Catalog for further information.