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Kentucky MS4 Stormwater

Small MS4s are defined as any MS4 that is not a medium or large MS4 covered by Phase I of the NPDES Stormwater Program. Regulated small MS4s are defined as all small MS4s located in "urbanized areas" (UAs) as defined by the Bureau of the Census, and those small MS4s located outside of a UA that are designated by NPDES permitting authorities.

Technical and Design Guides

KARST Geotechnical Engineering Considerations For Storm Water Management in Karst Terrain Environmental Problems in Karst Lands TECHNIQUES AND BMPS Stormwater Management Fact Sheet: Infiltration Trench Georgia Stormwater Management Manual: Infiltration Trench REFERENCE WORKS Georgia Stormwater Management manual

Technical and Design Guides

   TECHNICAL AND DESIGN GUIDES: KARST Geotechnical Engineering Considerations For Storm Water Management in Karst Terrain


  Slide Shows: PowerPoint Presentations from a Storm Water Workshop (Bowling Green, Kentucky, 22 Nov 2002) Overview of Phase II Stormwater Regulations, Dale Reynolds, Kentucky Division of Water. Storm Water in Watershed Management, The Challenege of Karst, Dr. Ouida Meier, Western Kentucky University. Greenway Benefits for Stormwater Management, Helen Tyson Siewers, Greenways Commission of Bowling Green and Warren County. Storm Water: An Old Issue With New Importance, Emmett Wood for the Storm Water Advisory Committe, City of Bowling Green.

MS4 Documents

MS4 Minute's: Kentucky MS4 Workgroup,Minutes 06-09-04 -The Kentucky MS4 WorkGroup,Minutes 06-09-04. Kentucky MS4 Workgroup,Minutes 09-15-04 --The Kentucky MS4 WorkGroup,Minutes 09-15-04. Kentucky MS4 Workgroup,Minutes 03-30-05 --The Kentucky MS4 WorkGroup,Minutes 03-30-05. OTHER LINK'S :

Community Approaches

Community Approches: A Sampling of Community Approaches to Solving Storm Water Challenges Natural Resources Defence Council(NRDC) Community Responses to Runoff Pollution  

Case Studies

  Karst Case Studies: Location and Design Division Instructional and Informational Memorandum Engineering and Hydrology Stormwater Management Design in Karst Terrane Karst Aquifer Protection Project Wilson and Pearson Creek Stormwater Project  


Storm Water Regulations: EPA Comprehensive List of Storm Water Regulations Storm Water Discharges from Muncipal Seperate Storm Server Systems (MS4s) Phase I Large and Medium MS4s Phase II Small MS4s

Important Links

Overview of Storm Water Regulations: EPA'S Overview of Stormwater Program PowerPoint Presentations click here   Stormwater Permitting :-Kentucky Division Of Stormwater  (Contact Hazem Gabr,, 502-564-3410 ) Watershed Management KY Transportation Cabinet Center for Watershed Protection
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